Friday, March 26, 2010

Soha Ali Khan’s eyes on Kunal Khemu

The gorgeous actress, bollywood’s glamorous young lady Soha Ali Khan is no longer single after her break up with handosome hero Siddharth earlier this year.

The latest bollywood buzz is that she is in love again with her co-actor Kunal Khemu from the films “Dhoondte Reh Jaoge” and “99″. Sources say that they both were seen with hand in hand having cheerful smiles on their face recently in a multiplex for Hollywood film projection event.

Soha’s close sources said that initially Soha and Siddharth were departed due to indifference in their views and Soha was also not serious about their relationship. But now, Soha is saying that she felt care and attention in Kunal towards her and feels happy. However, both have refused to be a couple and want to maintain as good friends. Is it true?

Let’s see the truth lie in this as day’s passes and how long this relation exists!

Kat’s Sister Trapped in Sex MMS Scandal!

One more hip-hop news came to the doors of bollywood buzz. This time about gorgeous actress Katrina Kaif’s younger sister Isabella.Kat’s sister Isabella’s supposed sex MMS scandal has been spread all over on the net.

Katrina is very much worried of her sister as reports also says that 10 minutes of her sisters sex MMS video clip has been reveald on You Tube, keeping the heading as Indian girl is having sex with a stranger.

Previously two years back the same news was spread on Shahid Kapoor and Kareena that their sex MMS scandal was also spread on the internet that created many controversial issues. Later many celebrities were also caught on the net but none of them have proofs of reality.

Though both Kat and her sister sit silently on this issue the hot news has became a look for item in UK and India.

For all this issues film industry experts are roaring on the evils of technology and incursions of media in the private life of celebrities

Harbhajan singh to enter wed-lock with Geeta Basra?

Harbhajan singh who has been dating with the actress, Geeta Basra from quite a long time seems to be entering into a wed-lock soon. Harbhajan has taken Geeta home few days back and Geeta even attended a private party ie her sister’s wedding at Jalandhar and sources say that they may enter wed-lock soon.

An inside source says, “Friends of both Harbhajan and Geeta have been nudging them to formalize their relationship. When Geeta was invited to attend the wedding in Jalandhar on February 20, it was very much a meet-the parents kind of trip.”

Geeta when asked about this said, “Yes, I did interact with them in Jalandhar. Several other guests were also present then. Harbhajan is a very good friend of mine. I’m completely focussing on my career now.”

Geeta who attended the IPL match of Mumbai Indians Vs Rajasthan Royals was seen cheering up for Harbhajan and his team. When Geeta was asked on this, she counters, “Mukeshji and Nitaji had invited me. So what if I was cheering for Mumbai Indians? Am I not from Mumbai?”

I lost my first love to cancer – Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi says he lost his childhood sweetheart to cancer when he was 18. ‘When I was just 18, I lost my first love. My childhood sweetheart since the age of 13 died of cancer,’ he wrote on his Twitter page.

The actor, who is the brand ambassador of Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA), says by helping those who cannot afford treatments he feels he’s honouring his late girlfriend. ‘Every time I help CPAA, spend time with the patients going to the hospitals on Rose Day or celebrate my b’day with terminally ill children, I feel I am honouring her memory,’ he added.

‘I was devastated when I lost her, but by helping save the ones who can’t afford the treatment and medicines, I feel she’s alive in their smiles. ‘My mother taught me – the best way to honour the memory of someone you’ve loved and lost is to reach out and ease someone else’s pain and misfortune,’ wrote the actor who is associated with the CPAA for eight years.

The actor is now looking forward to the release of ‘Prince’, which is his first solo hero movie in five years.

1 year up since Kumkum!

I thank all of you almost every few blog entries but this one is a special Thank You from me to you, with all my heart. It's for actually remembering that a year is up since 'Kumkum' ended not for the hour but forever.. As cliched as it sounds, I really miss the show and everyone behind its success. Shooting for it over a span of seven long years, only made the on-screen 'Kumkum' family, a big happy off-screen family. These were seven years I enjoyed myself thoroughly, professionally and personally. The bond between each of us is still very much existent and intact.

That unfortunate last day of shoot was the 12th of March 2009. One year up and the memories are still fresh as paint. It gets me teary-eyed to even go down memory lane! My last shot was with Juhi, where we go to a temple and our whole family is shown united and blissful. We could see it in each others eyes that we were upset and emotional about it being our last day as a team and the last shot. Even the camera crew knew so, but in the process of being used to shooting, no one realized how much we will miss all of it. Certain things like these that end, take longer than a while to realize. I don't know if it can be recreated again, ever, but I would be more than willing to be a part of it again!

We all know it was a hard time for the fans as well to sink in the fact 'The End' for 'Kumkum' had come, even though they probably did see it coming. So it was difficult for the fans and our team to move on. And now when we get flashbacks, we go through them with a smile because it was a happy time, with a happy family, and happy fans who loved all of us a lot.

I want to thank all of you for your undying support and remembering its been a year since the show. With utmost sincerity, I wish a lifetimes success to such serials and to all the family members of 'Kumkum' for gaining that special place in the hearts of all our fans.

Hrithik is Highest Paid Star in Bollywood

It isn’t official as yet, but Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan has gone beyond any actor’s pricing after signing a deal with Adlabs at a reported price of a whopping $7.5 million.

Manmohan Shetty’s company Adlabs Film Ltd. has apparently signed the “Krrish” star for a three-film deal. While Hrithik’s dad Rakesh Roshan says “negotiations are on”, other reliable sources say the deal has been signed, sealed and delivered.

Hrithik’s price? A staggering $7.5 million. This makes him the highest-paid star in Bollywood, outpricing every other actor, including Aamir Khan, who was reportedly paid $1.5 million for “Rang De Basanti”.

Hrithik’s reported price would change the entire pricing system in Bollywood, spiralling star fees beyond control.

A top filmmaker, who chooses to be anonymous until Hrithik’s price is made official, is aghast.

He said: “If true, this is a very unhealthy development. Hrithik is no doubt a fabulous hard-working actor. But star prices have constantly been the bane of Bollywood. Often more than 65 per cent of the budget for a film goes to the stars.

“Why, even a newcomer like Shiney Ahuja charges $200,000. The ladies get far less. But a two-film old Kangana Ranaut asks for and gets approximately $60,000. Now god knows how medium-budget filmmakers will manage the monies.”

There’s no doubt the three-film deal that Hrithik has clinched with Adlabs will dramatically revise the pricing system in Bollywood.

Want to talk to Big B? Log on to Bachchan Bol

Do you want to talk to Amitabh Bachchan? Well, you may get an opportunity to do so as the Bollywood megastar is going to call up his fans through vogging or voice blogging. The 67-year-old will call back those who grab his attention with their feedback or questions through a new talk-back feature on his blog - Bachchan Bol, launched a week ago. Fans can leave their messages, opinions, feedback or suggestions by calling Bachchan Bol on 505678910 and tapping into the 'talkback mechanism

Salman distributes sunglasses

Salman Khan was at his charming best in Hyderabad yesterday where he walked the ramp to promote a local eyewear brand. The walk apparently was not enough for the actor as he ended up distributing free sunglasses much to the audiences delight.

If you thought that was the end of the show then guess again. He came back onto the ramp once again, this time to launch a calendar featuring himself in it. This time however he wasn’t wearing the sunglasses but made sure that he was distributing them nonetheless.

After the show he made time to answer questions. On asking him what went wrong with his film Baabul, he said that the film failed because of the second half clearly implying the presence of John Abraham in it. It may be recalled that John dominated the second half of the film while Salman was mostly in the first half.